23 November 2008


Dinner ended with a bang tonight. Literally.

Hubby was busy dealing with a gorgeous teriyaki steak and I was sorting a salad, when one of the front elements of the stove exploded: unfortunately also the one that had the pot in which we were making kumara chips - in oil. Once we had dealt with the ensuing fire (just a small one that our little extinguisher fixed very quickly) we discovered that the pot will do great duty as a collander and the element no longer functions. Which makes two elements not functioning out of four. Not good: we can cope with 3 out of 4 working, but down to half, both on the same side, does not work for family of three with adventurous cooking husband. End of teriyaki steak cooking, and beginning of fish'n'chips....

We're figuring out what our next move is with stoves and ovens. Realistically, it looks like replacement, as the unit is about 20 years old and probably doesn't have a lot left in it. Bugger.


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