3 November 2008

Not very exciting...

Me boring. Me not doing anything worth blogging about, but me thought that the world might like to know that.

I'm up to my tiny ears in study for my ergonomics exam on Wednesday and haven't done much else at all. Labour Weekend passed in a haze of family and study, last weekend was only study (with a friend who is also doing the exam), evenings all study.... me boring. Fortunately the subject isn't, although I'm getting a little bit mentally fatigued now!

The only interesting thing we've done is produce a gorgeous meal - hubby and I collaborated last night (doesn't happen often!) with some gorgeous lamb chops and produced grilled chops, rice, cucumber raita (cheated - got this in a pot), fresh veges and super-fresh salad last night. Divine. Haven't had lamb in ages and it was worth waiting for. Small daughter gobbled it down and said, "Yummy. More rice, please?" I hardly had to wash her plate....

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to say soon.


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