26 January 2009

Off to see the wizard

I'm off to Napier tomorrow, one of my favourite spots in New Zealand. I love the Hawkes Bay - the wide open spaces, the gorgeous scenery, the wine... Although I will be working so guess that not much wine consumption will occur! I'm not sure I'd like to live there though; it's a bit hot for me. I do love seeing what I always think of as "Bay colours" at this time of year though: that high, deep blue sky and the creamy, tawny yellow hills dried by the sun. I also love the amazing colours of the town itself; the Art Deco buildings are beautifully picked out in rich, gorgeous colours.

This is one of the perks of "volunteering" (or, more accurately, allowing myself to be volunteered!) to project-manage our course revision project: a complete review of all the courses we offer, all of the materials (PowerPoints, manuals, forms etc), and the course structures. I'm (thankfully) not responsible for rewriting all of the content! It's also got dragged into a larger project, as we finally get an online secure server that we can access from anywhere, which means a lot of documents need to be adapted/uploaded/turfed etc. The admin team will do most of this, but it sounds as though I might be involved too, partly because I'm quite good at creating useable forms!

Pachyderm the bureaucrat

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