21 February 2009

Grim, but still counting...

Today is one of those days when I just feel a bit grim - tired, slightly emotional, worn out. Partly it's the weather: it was absolutely pouring yesterday and today I was scrambling around trying to get the washing done as it's supposed to rain tomorrow as well. Partly it's last night: one of my close friends is going to Tanzania later this year and has started a small Tupperware business to help her earn the money to go. I agreed to host a party for her (slightly against my better judgment as I'm not a fan of Tupperware), and even though I invited about 40 people, one person came. I felt awful for her, and pretty awful for me too. Not quite as bad as not being picked for either team for school sports activities, but it still stung a bit. Partly it's the fact that it's another five days until payday (I get paid monthly, which is an absolute pain) and we've got bills that will just have to wait... partly it's because the dentist wants to see me for two fillings (at a cost of about $500!). Really, it's lots of little things, but it's the little things that grind us down, like moths knawing at a rug.

However, there were two good things that happened this week. Firstly, we won tickets to Starlight Express in June. Yay! Secondly, the breviary that I had ordered way back in January finally arrived yesterday and I braved torrential rain to walk down to Whitcoulls (mitt umbrella, fortunately) to collect it. Work had given me a book voucher for Christmas and I decided that that was the best thing I could use it for. I can return my vicar's copy now, which I've had on loan for nearly three months now, and it's good it's turned up just in time for Lent (it's Ash Wednesday this week).

And Tuesday is our 8th wedding anniversary. And it's Shrove Tuesday. And hubby is out in the evening! And I'm training on Wednesday and Thursday and have to get notes written!

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