4 February 2009

On the raw

The last couple of days have been a bit interesting. I got an email from my closest friend (who lives in Melbourne) to say that one of her friends had been killed in a car crash on Monday night. My friend can't come home for the funeral which is in Johnsonville tomorrow and she is feeling pretty raw. We talked tonight and it hurt me to hear how much she is hurting, but at the same time, I was so glad I could just be a listening ear and praying heart for her - she's done it often enough for me!

It made me realise again just how important friends are, particularly when the going gets tough. I have a habit of crawling into my shell when things aren't going well, and the worse things are, the deeper into my shell I go. I think part of it is protective: I feel raw, therefore I hide away so that the raw place doesn't get further hurt by someone (a bit like protecting a cut, I guess). I need to let myself be myself when I'm hurting - a certain amount of "me time" is good, but friends are good too! Fortunately hubby is very good at spotting when there's a bit more shell than usual, and he's a genius at winkling me out of it!

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