13 March 2009


Friday 13th was never that bad...

Crazy day, although I was happy because I delivered one of the courses I've been redesigning to review and have started on the next one. That's three courses completed, and about another six part-done, and it's not just appearance that's changing (although they are undergoing a radical visual revamp) - the entire way they are arranged and all of the content is being revisited and updated. This next one is being done under urgency as it's a brand new course and has been delivered once - now I have been asked to review it and make it more trainee-friendly, but it needs to be finished by next week as various clients are clamoring for it!

And this weekend is shaping up to be really insane, with various activities for Playcentre and my dad's birthday. No rest for the wicked - I must have done something really bad!


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