1 June 2009

Girlie weekend

Girlie weekend is officially over. Hubby had a conference in Hamilton, leaving me and the rugrat to rampage around Wellington together for five days. The weather ranged from quite nice (on Friday) to awful (the rest of the time) and we had a whole lot of fun! Saturday was her 3rd birthday so we had a "special day" - she got to choose all the activities, and (predictably) she wanted to go to Te Papa. We didn't actually celebrate her birthday until today when hubby was home, but I wanted to make Saturday special for her.

Te Papa has what they call "Discovery Centres" aimed at quite small children, where they can interact with science and social history-type things and play. There are four of them, and we went to all of them on Saturday! We were at the museum for over 3 hours and she didn't want to go.... we finished up with sushi for lunch (her favourite - that child has good taste!!) and then wandered home.

I did come up with a new definition for simplicity on Friday: 'simplicity is sitting on the front doorstep eating icecream with my 3-year-old in the first sunshine in a month, after a walk in the park.' It was really peaceful and she was awfully good company for the five days.


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