12 July 2009

Family antics

This weekend has been a really nice one for our family. Yesterday we took our small daughter to see Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - the first time we've taken her to a live movie since she's been old enough to watch. She really enjoyed it - so did we! I like Pixar movies and this was done well. It was much better than Ice Age 2 with a much more coherent storyline and better acting. Small daughter could follow the story well and laughed in all the right places - hubby and I laughed in a few more, as there were a number of jokes in there aimed at adults (as is traditional with children's movies - gotta have something in there for the poor long-suffering parents taking small children to the movies!). The animation was of a much higher order than previous Pixar movies - there was a whole department devoted to fur! - and it was quite realistic.

Today, we introduced her to some simple boardgames - draughts (with lots of help from me) and Snakes and Ladders, which she did okay on herself, although she was very keen on moving everyone's pieces and she didn't always put them back where they started.... It took me back a few years to when we used to play boardgames on rainy Sunday afternoons, starting with the easy ones and working up to Monopoly and Trivial Pursuits - not to mention Canasta, Five Hundred, Samba, and Cribbage!


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