21 August 2009

Surprising developments

Had an interesting day today. Met with a new client to talk about the injury management course that they want me to write for them, and it was a really positive meeting. It's going to be a fun project to do and they are the sort of organisation that it is a privilege to work with.

I also got a really intriguing phonecall from Australia, from the author of the SafetyAtWork blog. Apparently he wants to talk about the little research project I'm doing on the accident rates of left-handers at work. I have posted a link to an online survey on a safety forum here in NZ and he found it - and is so interested he called me! I'm a bit stunned, to tell the truth. After all, it's only a little wee research project and a tiny pilot study into the issues - it's not yet a major piece of work! It's all pretty amazing.

It's been one of those weeks, actually - really busy with lots of training (which was fairly hard work this time), but some serious high points for me professionally and personally too. Cool.

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