24 September 2009


Interesting week so far. I had three days' leave from Monday to Wednesday: I'd planned three peaceful days enjoying my family, but predictably it ended up rather differently.... although there were some really good moments. I took the rugrat to the Capital E season of Seasons, which was a professional childrens' theatre production. It was excellent: following the seasons of the year, the three actors/dancers/singers kept the children and the adults laughing and involved. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it - maybe I'm regressing again. I was also pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it was: the show and access to their play area was $13!

Today I was back on site with my new client, working through their systems and processes and looking at the accident investigations that have been done recently. It was weird though: because I've had 3 days off, today felt like Monday and tomorrow is the end of the week (I like that!).

Also fairly confused by this weather: it's spring, but suddenly it's snowing on the Rimutakas, all of the passes are closed in the South Island, and it's going to get down to about 5 degrees C tonight.... brrr. Apparently summer does not follow winter in New Zealand (mental note: advise Capital E so they can change their show!). And our gas cylinder has run out so we're relying on our puny little oil column heater and it doesn't seem to be making a whole lot of difference in here: all the doors are closed to the lounge and it still feels cold in here. Might have to dispossess the cat from the blanket he's currently asleep on and wrap myself it it! Or find another blanket....

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