30 October 2009

Random Friday thoughts

It's a peaceful Friday night: hubby is away all weekend at a photography conference, small spotty daughter is asleep, and my third load of washing is about to finish. It's supposed to be fine and lightly windy tomorrow - it better be because putting that lot through the dryer would be a pain in the neck! Small daughter's spots appear to be getting better, although the doctor has ordered a blood test to rule out another spot-creating virus I've never heard of. So tomorrow I get to take a three-year-old for her first blood test. All by myself. Fun.

I'm currently enjoying 7 Days: one of the few Kiwi comedy shows that is actually really funny (I'm not a Flight of the Conchords fan, although I love Rhys Darby). It's based on the events of the last 7 days in politics, events etc. My favourite round is where the two teams are provided with a photograph that they need to caption... the best of which so far was earlier this month. Good show tonight although not as good as some.

Random bloggy thoughts tonight - nothing profound, just a peaceful end to the week. Looking forward to snuggling into my new sheets tonight: we acquired a huge rip in the undersheet of one of our sets of sheets, so I braved the Labour Weekend madness to get another set. 60% off 500-count pure cotton percale sheets... brought it down to about what I would normally pay for polycotton, and pure cotton is much more comfortable. I was really happy: very nice, durable sheets for an amazing price.

Better go and enjoy them: one of the good things about hubby being away is there is no temptation to stay up for ages so I tend to get a bit more sleep - and a bit more reading done in the evenings too!


Anonymous said...

Someone who likes Rhys Darby? crickey, never thought i'd find one of those...

Anonymous said...

I agree! He's an instant "mute" in my house.