3 October 2009


Interesting day today. Met with a very old friend (old as in known for a long time, not ancient!) for breakfast, hubby and small daughter went to a birthday party for one of small daughter's friends, I had a skype meeting with the co-founder of the community I want to join, dropped off daughter to grandparents for the night, went to the rugby (won tickets on Classic Hits again - yay!), and then to see Inglourious Basterds, the new Quentin Tarantino movie.

Short version of day: friend excellent, meeting really exciting, rugby good because we won and it was a good game, and movie predictably bloody but quite an interesting story especially as I know a fair bit about WWII. Acting was superb, especially the German actor playing Col. Landa, the SS guy, and Brad Pitt. Hubby and I had an interesting discussion about the just war and what we'd do in a similar situation. Found the final scene (burning down the movie theatre) amazing: especially as the projector kept playing and we saw the face of the Jewish heroine playing onto the smoke like some kind of demented Faust. Also reminded me of parts of the final Harry Potter book and "For the Greater Good".

Maybe more on this tomorrow - it's almost midnight and I'm a little tired - and we have a confirmation service tomorrow.

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