20 October 2009


I’m sitting on the bed in my pyjamas in my motel in Picton feeling very warm and very comfortable. I’m down here again to deliver H&S Reps stage 2 to the same client I was doing Reps1 for over the last couple of weeks in Picton and Nelson.

In my various trips here I’ve been trying to find a motel I liked. The one I stayed in last year was very nice, very quiet, and a good price but didn’t have internet. That was a problem as I still have to keep up with work email, and I like to try to talk to the family (especially the rugrat) on skype when I’m away. The one I tried a fortnight ago had internet, was a good price, but it was quite run-down. It was also quite noisy and very bright at night: it had blinds and there were security lights right outside.

However, I think I’m happy now. This motel has got internet, it’s a good price, very quiet, and the rooms are nice. There’s also an in-house restaurant that I’ve eaten at before – very nice – which is one of the reasons I thought to try it out as a place to stay. And bonus points: it’s got a bath tub! I have muttered in these pages before about our lack of a tub at home, and I really enjoy a good soak when I do find a bath in my various trips around the country. The one here isn’t all that deep, but who cares – it’s a tub and I soaked, book in hand, until I started itching from the hot water. Bliss.

I think it’s a Terminator thing: “I’ll be back!” Next time I’ll pack a bath bomb and a couple of candles and it will be almost perfect. Only almost because hubby won’t be there.... ;)

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