13 October 2009


Been back to the top of the South again: this time to Nelson for two days. Nelson is one of my favourite cities in New Zealand - if I didn't live in wonderful Wellington it would be Nelson for me. About this time last year, I walked the labyrinth in beautiful Nelson Cathedral, and I was really quite happy to be sent back to Nelson again (slightly less happy that I had to fly on Sunday night though). It was very much a flying visit: two days of delivering training and not much time to look around. I did manage to walk the labyrinth again last night, and this afternoon had just enough time before my flight home to go to the World of WearableArt Museum: very good but not as big as I'd anticipated. I'd have liked more costumes and less old cars, although there was a Lalique glass hood ornament on the Packard Bell which was rather nice!

I'm back in Picton next week - I might have to start getting shares in Air NZ soon! At least I have airpoints cheerfully accumulating!

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