25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's nearly 3pm on Christmas Day. Small daughter is (supposed to be) napping, hubby is napping, and I'm quietly reflecting on the last 24 hours.

We went to the Midnight Mass at Wellington Cathedral, with the glorious sounds of Mozart's Coronation Mass from the Cathedral Choir, accompanied by the wonderful organ (and organist!) and NZ Brass. Very very nice indeed. Our Bishop preached his usual stunning sermon and it was all wonderful. Small daughter came with us - we hadn't told her about it beforehand so she went to sleep really well, and then we woke her at 10pm to take her in to town in time for the 11pm service.

I was vested, and it was really hilarious as we went in the door - hubby and daughter got caught in the rush and I went in first and waited for them. One of the ushers came up to me and checked that I knew it was the Anglican Cathedral and that I was in the right place! There were also a few odd looks, but I expected that. Our Bishop was pleased to see me there, and so were our Cathedral friends so that's okay.

Today, small daughter woke us about 7.30am saying "We forgot to put Baby Jesus in the nativity set!" She was much keener on this than the presents - at least at first! Highly successful Christmas all round really: we gave her a baby doll and a carry bed for it (amongst other things), and she's absolutely entranced by it. I gave hubby a coffee mug shaped like a beaker (I love ThinkGeek!), and small daughter gave him a humungous paper clip wall hook (I chose this - she is obsessed with unwinding paper clips and I can never find one that's still bent!) - also good to help him keep his clothes tidy!

Hubby's parents popped around for a short time, and then we had lunch with my parents and grandma. All very congenial and lots of fun.

Anyway, better take the time to relax while the others are sleeping.

Peace on earth and goodwill to all!

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