6 December 2009


Another day, another trip. New Plymouth this time. I like New Plymouth. I'm also very much enjoying the Sky at the motel - this one has Living Channel and I've found something called "BBC Time Team", which is archeological digs in English locations. This one found a Cistercian nunnery, complete with church, burial ground, chapter house, etc, in an English country garden. Wonderful. Why don't they put this kind of intelligent, interesting programming on free-to-air?

Not much to blog about. I was away last week for our staff professional development days in Auckland - we were at Skycity, and part of the package included a trip up the Sky Tower for anyone who wanted it. The Tower is NZ's tallest manmade structure at 328m. Although I lived in Auckland for 3 years, I never managed this trip - something about being a poor theology student might have had something to do with it! I went up: unfortunately, it was absolutely hosing down with rain so visibility wasn't all that great - apparently on a clear day you can see up to 80kms in any direction. It wasn't that much on Friday! I also managed to convince myself to stand on the clear glass floors, looking straight down about 300m onto Victoria St below. I was quite proud of myself as heights make me nervous!

The PD days were very inspiring: the two best presentations from my perspective were the ones on adult literacy and learning, and a fascinating presentation from a H&S lawyer on the latest and most up-to-date changes and challenges in H&S law.

I'm trying my best to "live in the present moment" and not think too much about the rest of the week: I've got my meeting with our Diocesan Bishop on Wednesday so in some ways a trip away now is a good thing: time to think, to be, to pray, and lots of silence!

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