30 January 2010


It's quiet tonight: it's been a glorious, hot Wellington day and now small daughter is asleep and the windows are wide open to cool the house. Small daughter and I are enjoying a "ladies' weekend" - hubby is away at the Parachute Music Festival as a photographer, and so we're doing all kinds of fun things together. Occasionally hubby goes away for a weekend for meetings, and daughter and I make a point of doing something exciting each day he's away, in addition to the regular work around the house.

Today it was a swim at H2O Extreme in Upper Hutt: it was such a hot day that a swim was really welcome! We had dinner at my parents afterwards which was really nice, and now she's asleep and I'm relaxing. I should be doing some university reading, but I'm enjoying the peace and quiet too much to drag out the textbooks right now!

Some neat news out of the Community earlier in the week: we have two new members joining us tomorrow morning my time - unfortunately I can't be part of the ceremony as I can't call into the US conference call. Never mind - I'll meet them later! It's quite amazing how quickly we're growing.

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