3 January 2010

NZ's first official Catholic saint?

Exciting news in the paper today. Apparently, the NZ Conference of Catholic Bishops has been advancing the cause for canonisation of Mother Mary Joseph (Suzanne) Aubert, the founder of the Sisters of Compassion. Apparently, things are well on the way for her to be declared Venerable, the first official step before beatification (Blessed) and then canonisation as a recognised saint. This is exciting as New Zealand does not yet have an official saint from here (even though Mother Aubert was French, she will be a NZ saint).

That said, there are a number of hugely influential Christians from here not recognised by the Catholic Church (one of the major feast days in NZ is for the "Saints and Martyrs of the South Pacific" which is also part of our Benedicite Aotearoa in the liturgy). However, this is exciting news, especially for the Sisters of Compassion, the Congregation Mother Aubert founded.

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