8 January 2010


We had a major storm last night as a huge front went through - another house-shaker - but this morning we woke up to a day that was as fine as silk and beautifully hot. We got both coats of white on the back windowframes, and the first coat of grey on the back wall. We've decided to do one wall completely at a time - otherwise it gets all dirty again.

Small daughter was very helpful: hubby had the brainwave of giving her a paintbrush and a cup of water and getting her to "paint" the patio. She did this very cheerfully, chatting away, and helping herself to plums off the tree at the back of the garden, which is currently fruiting with literally hundreds of delicious yellow plums. It was actually really good company: I did the first white coat by myself, while hubby did the vacuuming and cleaned the bathroom for me, and I loved having her out there chatting, singing, and making up games.

It was lovely being out there in the sun, slathered with sunblock and with a large hat on, and I've found I've got quite a tan from just one day out there. I felt really good!

I'm fairly tired now though, but am about to head out to the supermarket as we're out of a number of essentials (like bread and milk, and salad things!). Tomorrow is a trip to a lavender farm in Te Horo, so expect a post soon!

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