26 March 2010

Go shoot someone else's birds

Pretty peeved at the Norwegian tourists who came over here and shot an endangered kereru (native wood pigeon) and one of our protected ducks. Why don't you go over and shoot someone else's protected species? I hope they find them and bring them back here: shooting protected birds carries a jail term in New Zealand and for once I'd like to see them go there. How about you show some respect? It's like that stupid tourist who climbed all over native cave drawings, and the idiots who insist on going over the barriers at Franz Josef Glacier to "get a little closer" and then moan when the glacier bounces off their heads!


Judah said...

Silly tourists! It should have been the possums they were aiming at.

Sphenodon said...

It's fine, you can join my campaign to kill the equivalent weight of Norwegians as they slaughter in whales.
Should be fun!!

dumb cocks.

Pachyderm said...

I admit your idea has some merit, B!