3 March 2010

Lenten reflection

'The spirit is willing, but the flesh is a bin liner full of yoghurt' (Stephen Fry, Last Chance to See). There are times when we really want to do stuff but the body or the brain or something is just a "bin liner full of yoghurt" that can't brace up and achieve it. Lent this year has been a little like this for me: intention is there, wanting is there, but failure is rife. But God is still gracious, still saying "come home, child", still giving hope, issuing that purple-edged invitation to prayer and presence and peace.

Maybe all we need is that the spirit is willing, and God meets us in our willingness, even if we feel that the squishy bin liner is not holding up its end of the bargain. Maybe all we need is the faith, the hope, and the love: faith that God is there, hope that we might be, and knowing that whatever happens, we will be held in love by our Beloved.

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