28 May 2010

Good bits

Today was a good day. Well, apart from the weather! It's about 10 degC - although it feels a lot colder because of the wind chill and the screaming horizontal rain.

The good bits started when work decided that the data projector I usually use was dead and got a new one. It arrived today so I'll have to play with it this weekend to make sure that it works with my laptop. ;) Actually, I have a genuine reason to play with it this weekend: I need to make sure it works with the laptop before I head off on my next trip. Then the day got better when I had my annual review and the boss said nice things and gave me a payrise and a bonus, which was excellent. And then it finished quite well (well, the work bit) when the three of us in the office today all decided that we'd had enough about 4.30 and headed off to the pub for a drink after work. Nice.

You night be wondering why I'm playing the high life. Well, I'm currently family-free: hubby is off on a Playcentre conference all weekend, and given that I have an all-day meeting tomorrow for church, it seemed sensible if small daughter stayed the night with her grandparents. I dropped her off on the way to work and had dinner with her and the in-laws tonight, so at least I've seen her today when I was awake (I don't think breakfast counts!).

The all-day meeting is one I've been looking forward to for ages. Dr Barbara Brown Taylor is leading a workshop at the Cathedral tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it. It's not all that often that we get a speaker and practitioner of spirituality of this magnitude here and I'm really interested in what she has to say. Her topic is God in Ordinary Time, which sounds pretty appropriate for this Benedictine! I'm also looking forward to seeing who else is there that I haven't seen a while, and catching up with some of my friends in the wider Diocese. Should be good.

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