17 May 2010

Mr Murphy and me

I'm back in soggy Nelson (they've just had torrential rain and there's remnants of flooding everywhere), and this trip is one of those ones where everything has gone wrong that could possibly go wrong. Mr Murphy has been working overtime.
  • I had to leave mid-afternoon yesterday (Sunday) to get here in time as there wasn't a flight across this morning, and my flight was delayed last night so I didn't get in until after 8pm.
  • I left my pajamas at home and didn't find out until after nearly everything was shut, so got stuck with a pair of dodgy men's ones from the supermarket that fit - more or less (rather less than more...). I discovered this morning I'd also left my change of socks behind too....
  • My box of training materials which was couriered to the venue mysteriously disappeared - it was definitely delivered to the venue but no-one can find it. The organisation has printed some copies of the manual and assessment, but all the other bits that go in the box (like pens, name cards, lollies etc) weren't there. Fortunately I carry a stock of spare name cards and pens.
  • The trainees were told that the course was starting at 9am, not 8.30am, meaning we're now a whole topic behind.
  • They had a whole bunch of last-minute cancellations and there are only 4 in the course. Our usual minimum for delivery is 8.
All this sounds rather negative, and it is. But there are some good things too. The 4 trainees I have are really nice and we're doing pretty well to pick up the extra time (I'm also starting them at 8.15 tomorrow to make up for the time we lost today), and I met a good friend for Thai tonight which was lovely. But it was a Mr Murphy day and I'll be glad to see the end of this trip.

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