8 June 2010

Can someone thaw out my toes, please?

Hi world. Welcome to winter.

I'm back in Hawera - again - and it's absolutely frigid. Apparently the whole country has a bit of a cold snap on today (it snowed on the Rimutakas just north of where I live, and apparently it snowed in Karori in Wellington too, which is pretty rare!), but the southerly is screaming across the south Taranaki plains and it's seriously freezing here. Something to do with that big rock on the horizon, perhaps? It was also sleeting really heavily on the way up and driving was unpleasant, but I got here in one piece.

However, I realised when I got here that my scarf was not going to cut the mustard and had to go searching for another one.... thank goodness I remembered to grab my fuzzy polarfleece ear-warming hat on the way out the door this morning, or things I need might fall off! Seriously though, I'm really grateful for the heater in the motel, and I know that the bed is nice and warm here. And I think there might be an electric blanket.... and there is definitely a nice big spa bath. But I need to venture out in search of food soonish - once I psych myself up enough!