4 June 2010

Humour: geographic style

On my recent trip to Hawera, I passed through Bulls - the little blink-and-you-miss-it town on the junction of State Highways 1 (north to Auckland) and 3 (to Wanganui and New Plymouth). To be fair, it's a farming community and is the local town for a large part of the Rangatikei. It also has a serious town sense of humour.

All over the town you see these hilarious signs:
  • Const-a-bull: the local police station
  • Knowledge-a-bull: the primary school
  • Memor-a-bull: the town's museum
  • Eat-a-bull: eateries around the town
  • Forgive-a-bull: the Anglican church (I love this one!)
  • Rent-a-bull: land agents
  • Collect-a-bull:  the antique shop
  • Indispens-a-bull:  the pharmacy (this is really clever!)
You get the idea. Only in New Zealand.... this is almost on a par with the Tui beer "Yeah Right" ads that are quite legendary here, but you only find out about the Bulls signs if you drive through the town!

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