13 June 2010

To furnish a dream

I finally got one of my dreams to come true. We went shopping for a bedroom suite yesterday. We've been saving up for this for years and we finally found one we like: a five piece suite in solid pine, quite rustic-looking, with two bedside cabinets, one dresser and mirror for me (I would have preferred a tallboy but the suite couldn't be swapped around), a tallboy for hubby, and a headboard for our queen bed.

The awesome thing about this, besides finally having bedroom furniture that matches after nearly 10 years of marriage, is that we could give our daughter the small chest of drawers and a bedside cabinet from our room, so she also has enough space to put her clothes too. All of us have now got at least 40% more space than we had - well, we will, when the furniture comes on Wednesday!

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