6 July 2010

Loved ones

One of the real privileges that I have as a professed member of the Community of Solitude is our vocation to be love in the heart of the church. For me, this has begun to express itself in a much more prayer for people than I've ever done before. I was never a fan of "intercessary prayer" per se, as I just couldn't focus on great big lists of people and praying for hours at a time for one person. However, I've begun to find my own way around this area recently. A lot of people seem to be asking me to pray for them, and one of the things that our Bishop specifically asked me to do for the Diocese was to be a praying presence, including using our Diocesan daily prayer cycle.

What seems to be happening is that, instead of having a whole great big list of people and laboriously going through each one, I am aware of their struggles and "hold them in my heart" - so when I'm in prayer myself, they are there with me. One of my friends also suggested using the Anglican prayer beads - each bead for a person - which as I have these with me all the time is quite a good idea!

There are some really big things going down for some people I am close to right now, ranging from major job uncertainty to tremendously significant health issues (including heart failure, broken neck, broken back, cancer etc), to difficult pregnancy, and so on. It is a privilege to be invited into people's lives this way. I only hope I can be faithful to their trust. Sometimes I wonder!

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