17 July 2010


I am unashamedly an All Blacks fan. I have loved rugby since introduced to the game as a small girl, watching the games on Saturday with Dad. He explained most of the finer points of the game - as much as I could understand, anyway! The funny thing was that I didn't actually see my first live game until 1997, when I was at the Super12 semi-final (Hurricanes v. Blues) at Eden Park - being a Hurricanes supporter right in the heart of Blues territory was an experience! And we lost, by a tiny margin, but I didn't care - I had no voice for days afterwards....

I have never seen a live All Blacks test - I'd love to, but they are hideously expensive - but hey, I can watch the matches on TV. And this All Blacks v.Springboks (NZ .v. South Africa, for my overseas visitors!) test series has been fabulous so far - open, running games, not too much high kicking, great work by the backs, and All Blacks wins in both Auckland and Wellington. All good.

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