11 September 2010

Another day, another year...

Well, it's that time again, when I look at the calendar and notice that the date seems to match the date on my drivers' license...! I got woken at some extremely hideous hour (around 6am) by a very enthusiastic daughter wanting to give me a present. I sent her off to bed again - and again - and again - and again.... I think husband finally got up with her around 8am and left me to enjoy a sleep in. Small daughter finally couldn't wait any longer about 9am and I woke up and did some some present-opening. Thanks to everyone!

We had a few regular Saturday chores to do like the vacuuming and tidying, as well as the groceries (I hate doing groceries on Saturday but we didn't have a choice this week). After that the fun began. We went into Wellington to the Carter Observatory's Planetarium, hoping to also be able to do some stargazing, but it was too cloudy. But the planetarium and the new interactive "Universe" display were incredible. It's ages since we've been (not since small daughter was born at least) and they've done a big upgrade.

After that, we went to Newtown and went to The Beijing Chinese restaurant, and it was wonderful. Really tasty, simple food, great flavour combos, and not expensive. I even managed chopsticks for a few minutes (and you have no idea how much of an achievement that is!).

So, back home in the early spring, enjoying the milder nights and a nice glass of wine, looking forward to seeing my sister-in-law tomorrow before she heads back to the UK to be with my brother again, and listening to the rain on the roof. Catch you later!

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