16 September 2010


Hey, readers! I know you're out there... my stats tell me so! It would be great if you felt like "delurking" and letting me know a bit about you - if you want to. Would love to know who's reading the elephant!


Judah said...

Hehe, I am! :D

Pachyderm said...

Hey Judah - nice to see you around still. Hope all is well with you!


Judah said...

I'm around... still, of course. Our paths keep crossing several days apart every week.
No other "lurkers" making their confessions here? That's a pity.

Here's my delurking poem for ya.

Lurkers lurking on this blog
Are all allowed to pettifog
There's no excuse now not to talk
And slip away without a squawk

If you're out there do not sin
Join the bowl we're swimming in
Dispensations are not out yet
You don't have one so in you get

Its funny swimming round and round
Chatting here without a sound
It matters little what you say
Most bloggers like it anyway

Hope my poem here will help
To unlurk others, make them chelp
It isn't much and what I've said
Is quickly typed on my way to bed