6 October 2010

Branching out

Well, that was an interesting experience! I was contacted by Hutt Community Radio earlier this week, asking whether I would be prepared to do a live radio interview on my journey with the Community of Solitude and my vocation as a married nun with a small daughter.... I was completely blown away, but said yes in fear and trepidation. It was actually a lot of fun - I know the interviewer (she's a member of our parish) which made it much easier. It was like having a chat with a friend, but I was aware that other people might be listening in!

Not quite sure what God has in mind for that kind of thing, but I was happy to do it and I enjoyed it too. Apparently they are going to send me a copy of the interview, so it might get up on the Community's website at some stage. I might even post it up here too....

The interviewer asked some amazing questions, like how is my vocation influencing my daughter, how is my work in health and safety integrated into my vocation, how do I deal with three identities (work, wife/mother, nun) etc. Really made me think! She had sent them to me in advance so I had a chance to prepare a bit, but I still answered more or less off the cuff - it felt more natural doing it that way. My first time in a studio and my first time on radio, but it was a lot of fun.

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