26 November 2010

Congratulations, you've been NEBOSH'd!

After two rather busy weeks in the classroom, I have officially been NEBOSH'd: all I now I have to do is sit the two exams on Monday and complete the practical hazard assessment, and (providing I pass, of course) I will hold the International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health in addition to my Graduate Diploma in OSH (Massey - again, providing I've passed!).

I found it a good refresher of what I already knew from Massey. There were a couple of new things: I now know rather more about machinery guarding than I did, and I can now draw an independently-tied scaffold - and recognise when one is not legally compliant!

Where most of my issues have come were in interpretation: NEBOSH (the National Examinations Board in OSH - UK) have a particular way of phrasing questions, and of course because it's an international certificate, referring to NZ legislation is a bit pointless. We had to learn a lot of new terminology in order to swim in the world's seas rather than in NZ's little pond. I've had to get my head around the new terminology and ways of thinking, and learning how to answer a NEBOSH question (which is a bit of an art form). However, I've been doing well in the homework questions and the mock exam we did, so I'm reasonably confident. In fact, if I don't do well in this, I might as well hang up my consultant's hat right now!

I guess the difference for me is the level and speed. Massey has taken me 5 years, part time in my own time. This was 2 weeks in the classroom - but it was definitely not at the same level as the Massey Grad Dip and nor is it intended to be. I wasn't working as hard as I had to at Massey, but on the other hand there's less time to revise for the exams so I guess it call comes out even in the end!

Anyway, it's all nearly over. Come Monday night, I'll be happy... then I'll be able to turn my attention to my solemn profession next weekend!

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