15 January 2011

Christchurch again

My first week back was a fairly busy one - I had just one day back in the office and then four days in beautiful Christchurch, doing similar work to the last time I was down there, working with one of the major organisations involved in the recovery efforts. This time I got out into the field and had a look around, which was very interesting - now I know what to look for in terms of earthquake damage in houses, and where the likely stress points are in houses, which is very helpful! It was also good to be able to do my bit in terms of the recovery effort.

Christchurch looked different this time: all the blossom gone but the beautiful mature trees everywhere, and Hagley Park looking like a paradise of green grass and cool shade trees. I still can't get over the wide avenues lined with trees, and how easy it is to get around the city. Comes from being on a flat plain with multiple ways to get everywhere, rather than one in and one out for Wellington!

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The Rose and Dragon said...

Keep telling you it is beautiful and a wonderful place to live...love the hot summers almost as much as the snow on the ground and crisp, endlessly blue sunny days in winter... [mental note, must buy that Crusaders shirt]