30 January 2011

A moment

Just happened to look up from my computer for some reason to notice that the light coming through the front door had suddenly changed. We just had the most amazing golden sunset - literally streaks and splashes of brilliant shimmering gold across the sky, and all the houses and hills washed with the most incredible light. It looked almost stripy, but was outlining every ridge on every cloud. I regretted the absence of the camera for about 5 seconds, then decided I would far rather just stand there and enjoy it rather than trying to "capture" it. It only lasted about 5 minutes but it was amazingly beautiful - in fact, beautiful isn't really a big enough word.

It's moments like these that I just stand stunned by God's artistry. The science of how and why it happens are unimportant - I understand them, but I would rather appreciate the beauty of what I have just seen, and give thanks where it is due.

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