18 April 2011

Things and stuff

Lots of things going on since I last posted, including attending a glorious performance of Bach's St Matthew Passion sung by the hugely talented Orpheus Choir under the baton of Michael Fulcher - for the final time. Michael is sadly leaving Wellington Cathedral and the Orpheus for the warmer climes of Brisbane. It was really beautiful - I hadn't heard the Passion in one sitting before (well, not sung like this!) and it was amazing. Also very appropriate to hear it on Passion Sunday.

Seems to be quite a few things going on - last week was really nuts with five days training back to back, in three different cities (including the hop to Nelson again).

However, all of that faded into insignificance yesterday at the Palm Sunday liturgy, the beginning of Holy Week. The joy, the exaltation, the procession into Jerusalem following the donkey, waving palms, hosanna to the Son of David.... entering into Holy Week. I can't formulate my own reflection on Palm Sunday, so here's one from Mother Catherine CP. Reading small daughter the story of Jesus in the temple with the moneychangers changing $2 into 50c of temple money to buy a sacrificial pigeon for $5 of temple money....

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