1 May 2011

Ready for the off?

Today was a mixed sort of day for me. Low Sunday, the conclusion of the Octave of Easter, the first eight days of the Great 50. We decided to celebrate it by enjoying some family time wandering around Wellington, including a visit to Capital E!, which is a children's theatre and play area - small daughter loves it because it has giant Lego blocks. And when I say "giant", I mean that the 8-blocks are about twice the length of my hand and are made of some sort of thick resilient spongy plastic foam. But they are genuine Lego blocks - the exact same shape as a regular Lego 8-block, just huge with the Lego logo on the little bumps. And they build just like Lego blocks. And you can build a Lego house large enough to sit in. Very cool.

Anyway, this afternoon we went to the farewell for my closest friend, who is going overseas to work. She's actually been overseas for a few years now but she's going a bit further afield this time and we won't see her anywhere near as often as we have in the past. I was doing a bit of maths and realised that I've known her for about 16 years - we met in our first week at university and have been friends ever since. She was one of my bridesmaids, gets on extremely well with my hubby and is godmother to our daughter. It was actually a bit sad - I realised how much I will miss her! Thank goodness for skype....

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