7 June 2011

The rain it raineth every day

So saith Lear's Fool. I often think he has a definite point: it's been raining here for most of the last 5 days and right now it's so loud I can hardly hear myself think. But then, it is the beginning of winter, there is an occluded front sitting over us, and it's still quite warm for this time of year (about 16degC today).

It raineth in other ways too. We had minor panic with the party, when our venue cancelled on us two days beforehand (they had good reason: they'd been closed by Regional Public Health due to a gastro outbreak), so I spent most of the Friday morning before the party running around trying to find a new venue. Fortunately our church hall was not booked so we were able to move the party to there, and were able to get hold of the guests to let them know. It all went very well: lots of small children had lots of fun, lots of food was eaten, balloons were enjoyed, games were played, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Small daughter cheerfully departed for school the next day accompanied by proud parents (I'd taken a couple of days leave to help settle her into school) and she seems to be having a good time - I'm enjoying a slight respite from reading duties as she is now reading slowly to me! We're still exploring some good stories together though. She's been deeply fascinated with ancient Egypt recently (following reading some of the Old Testament Exodus stories) and we've been reading about building pyramids, and making a few of our own - we now have a small Lego pyramid at home to keep her Pharoah minifig happy.

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