13 July 2011

Not much to say, but checking in anyway

Long silence on the blog recently, simply because I haven't had much to say. The weekend was a busy one, with the pre-synod meeting for Belmont Archdeaconry - the usual bumpf but the interesting bit was an initial discussion around the Anglican Covenant and its implications for the Diocese. We have to vote on it at Synod in September - I'm anticipating some quite robust debate in the Synod chamber (which we haven't had for a while) for a couple of reasons:
  • Two of the Hui Amorangi (the Maori Dioceses of Aotearoa) out of five have already voted against it, and our Three Tikanga structure requires all three Tikanga (Aotearoa, New Zealand's eight Dioceses, and the Diocese of Polynesia) to affirm it before the Church in this Province accepts it
  • It will be a vote in Houses (Bishops, Clergy, and Lay) and I'm guessing that the different houses of this Diocese will have very differing opinions
We'll see.

On other fronts, I spent Monday in Auckland at a meeting regarding a new initiative we're hoping to launch through work that I've been pretty heavily involved in developing - it was really exciting to see a number of very large companies getting really excited about this initiative. Everything seemed to fall into place pretty well, and all the tools went down well (some minor tweaks but we expected that).

Not much else going on - weather is nastier than usual (there was a little tornado in Waikanae!!) - the whole country has had massive thunderstorms, hail, and a huge dumping of snow down south. This was wanted as the skifields had nothing on the mountains, but now Queenstown is more or less closed because of snow, and all the southern passes are questionable.

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