18 September 2011

Updated position

On a completely different and unrelated note, my predictions for the World Cup may have ended up on their ear because Ireland BEAT Australia last night!!! Complete major upset, awesome match. Makes me proud to be part Irish! And they kept Aussie tryless, and they missed two penalties and still won.

I'm still digesting the possible ramifications in terms of who will meet who in the quarters, semis, and final - may post an update to my earlier predictions. It was a major upset and is a real reflection of how well the smaller teams have played in this tournament so far. Wales has had a couple of blinders, very nearly beating South Africa last week and then carving up Samoa today. Canada outplayed Tonga earlier in the week in an amazing match, but unfortunately lost to France tonight. It's been amazing to watch. Even Japan, who faced us on Friday, played really well and managed to score against us, and had some lovely backline moves and a couple of gorgeous intercepts.

Beginning to think that Wales may be the dark horse in all this, and Ireland definitely is one to watch. The Six Nations teams are starting to show some mettle and I like it. Makes the Cup more interesting for everyone. As long as the All Blacks still win....

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