25 January 2012


"The sun is shining, the tank is clean... The tank is clean!" (Finding Nemo - yes, I watch too many kids' movies!).

It is gorgeous here in the Harbour Capital today, and apparently if we're extra lucky, we might get a view of the aurora australis tonight about midnight if it stays clear - courtesy of an enormous solar flare. It's extremely unusual to see the aurora in Wellington, so here's hoping! It would be good to tick that one off my "bucket list", although one day I'd love to see it from a polar icecap!

We've been enjoying the summer weather with trips to the Wairarapa on Monday (a public holiday for Wellington Anniversary Day) and backyard camping with my daughter last night. She did much better than expected - she slept in the tent for quite a while - but we ended up back inside the house at about 2.30am. I wasn't particularly surprised about that. I was actually quite impressed that she slept out there at all!

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