20 February 2012

Return of the elephant

Gidday, digi-world. The elephant is back, sort of.

There seems to be a lot going on at present. Work is ramping up, made more complex by the fact that two of my colleagues are leaving very soon and all their work is being redistributed between all of us remaining - which of course means that we're all even busier than before, particularly with training. I've already had a few trips away and there's a lot more coming up.

School has started again, and small daughter is now a Year 2 - she's only done half a year in Year 1 but her teachers decided she was better in a mixed Year 1/Year 2 class, but in the Year 2 cohort - so if all goes well, she'll go into Year 3 next year. She seems to be having a great time in her new class, and there are a lot of friends from last yeat in her class too. She's also started going to gymnastics (at her own request) and is having a fantastic time. She's climbing like a monkey....

Also lots of editing of church and Community documents, magazines etc in the evenings, so it's all a bit busy. And Lent starts on Wednesday. I was planning to write a reflection on the beginning of Lent but found this over on one of my nun friend's blogs, which said everything I wanted to say anyway. Thanks, Sister!

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