31 March 2012

The countdown begins

So much has been going on over the last few weeks that I hardly know where to begin! The highlights:
  • I had the enormous privilege of attending the Wellington Diocesan Electoral College for our next Bishop of Wellington last weekend. There were seven outstanding candidates, and as the College deliberated and prayed it became very clear who should be nominated. Our nomination has now gone to the House of Bishops and to General Synod for ratification.
  • Our family took a flying trip up to Rotorua (three days - spending just one and a half days in the city as it's 7 hours each way driving!), and in the time we were there, found a house, school, and gymnastics club for our girl. We also visited one of the churches up there and met the vicar, and discovered that the local aquatic centre is a heated pool (as in around 34 degrees C!) and it's gorgeous to swim in.
  • I had my last trip to Nelson with my current job, this time with two new colleagues in tow as I showed them the ropes with one of our courses.
  • My personal email account was hacked and all my contacts deleted (which was somewhat unhelpful)....
And we have 2 weeks left here. Things are getting closer...!

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