19 May 2012

And surviving

It seems like ages since I posted here and it probably really is. Lots of reasons, a lot of which are linked to not having access to a computer very much outside of work.

How to summarise the last few weeks? Busy. Insanely busy. So much going on at work over the last month, to the point that I was wondering if it would ever stop.... The job is seriously big and I've only begun to touch the fringes of it. It feels a lot like firefighting most of the time, but apparently things should calm down soon. I hope so!

On the personal front, we had the in-laws (outlaws?!) come and stay last weekend, and hubby's brother ands sister-in-law also came down from Auckland for the day. We went up the gondola and down the Luge, which was huge amounts of fun.

I discovered one very cool thing up here. There is a Benedictine monastery about 20mins out of town here: it's a daughter-house of the Tyburn nuns in London, and apparently there's also a house in the Bombay hills just out of Auckland too. We went out there this afternoon and it's beautiful. It's a lot closer for retreats than Kopua too, although I loved going to Kopua. We met one of the nuns today and had a walk around the grounds. I'm looking forward to retreating there!

Well, not much else to say and something weird is going on with my blog format so I can't see what I'm typing, which is awkward. More soonish!

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