6 February 2013

Waitangi Day

Thoroughly enjoyed the interruption of Waitangi Day today. This week is divided in half, with two 2-day "weeks" (the only problem there is that it feels like two Mondays in one week, which is not nice!). The day turned out gorgeous, which was somewhat of a surprise as we got a nasty southerly last night that dropped the overnight temperature pretty hard (not sure how cold it was here but the Hamilton overnight forecast was 8degC and ours is usually pretty similar - I was running around excavating extra blankets last night!). We also got some real rain last night, which was a blessing because it's getting very dry out there.

This morning we did some more prep work in the lounge, including hanging the new light fitting in the lounge to match the one in the dining room that we did in the weekend, and they look spectacular! No photos yet: going to wait until we've got paint to match. We weren't sure about hanging them before we painted, but when we put up the one in the dining room it shed so much more light in the room we decided that the living room one would actually help us see what we're doing while painting. Hubby is confident he can protect it from splatters with some plastic dropsheets. Goodbye nasty 70s brown light shades - it wasn't nice knowing you!

After that we caught up with some friends from church for a picnic lunch, which was absolutely lovely. The original plan was to go to Tarawera Falls, but we decided to leave that for another day, and picnicked in Redwoods instead. The sun was flickering through the trees and it was so peaceful and quiet.

We finished the day with baked hoki and salad at home, with a bit of rewana bread.... lovely. Just a peaceful, fun, productive sort of day. Shame it was a Wednesday and I've got to go back to work tomorrow!

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