30 August 2013

Wagner and das land

I have just been reading my brother's blog about his recent foray into Wagner's Ring Cycle, with the BBC Proms. Sounds like it was completely amazing, and I am so jealous that he got to hear Bryn Terfel live. He did the complete Ring, which is pretty cool. I have to admit that I have only heard parts of the cycle, but what I have heard I like. Maybe I'll have to look up a good recording and have a listen to more of it.

However, on the other side of the globe, things have been a little interesting. Last night we were  rudely awoken by an earthquake around 1am, followed by another 6 quakes until about 2.30am.... They were fairly small but the epicentres were just 1km from our house, and only 5km deep. By the time we'd had the 5th one small daughter was so unnerved she wanted to stay in our bed (which I can't blame her for!). They were extremely noisy - in fact, I was woken by the first one and was trying to figure out where the truck was driving when the shaking started! So we ended up all of us sleeping in our queen bed, and the cat, not to be outdone, came to join us too... We all did get some sleep but it wasn't the most restful night I've ever had. Fortunately I was working from Rotorua this morning so didn't have to deal with the drive over to site.

This week has been a very busy one with a major audit on Tuesday and Wednesday. I've been preparing for this for months now, and particularly over the last few weeks it's been taking up a lot of my time. In the end it went pretty well, which pleased me (and my boss). I was concerned that my lack of spoons from the weekend/Monday may have made it difficult when it came to the site walkthrough on Wednesday, but I did okay in the end. I must admit that I came home on Tuesday and didn't want to talk to anyone (other than hubby and small daughter), after spending all day answering questions from the auditors! Long meetings are stressful when you're an introvert and an audit makes it worse. I am very grateful it's the weekend!

It's also been an interesting week in terms of the year too. Two feasts and a memorial in a row, with St Monica, St Augustine, and the Beheading of John the Baptist back to back. I don't know a lot about Monica, except she was Augustine's mum, but Augustine I know more of. The readings for vigils were from the Confessions and they were really gorgeous - from his investigations and meditations on the One Beauty. I have to confess I've never finished the Confessions - I did read quite a bit of them in patches when I was studying, and an awful lot of his theology, but I never did the Confessions from start to finish, although I did try. This makes me wonder whether it wasn't the right time for them then but it may be time for another go? And John the Baptist: I know it's the wrong image but I always think of Allori's Judith with the head of Holofernes when I think of this event. But also as forerunner, beginning, cousin, friend, torch, Elijah Mk 2... It was a bit of a relief to return to ordinary Ordinary Time today.

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Sphenodon said...

just to clarify: terfel only did die walkure, I think we had three wotan's over the four operas.