16 October 2013

And for the 24...

Hubby and I have been playing a lot of cribbage recently. This ancient 17th century card game is one of the few card games good for two people, and is incidentally full of lovely old sayings like "one for His Nob". I learnt the game when I was very small (along with a number of other goodies, like Five Hundred, Canasta, Samba, and Push Patience - I never learnt poker although hubby tried to teach me later), and I taught hubby not long after we married. We often play a hand or two in the evenings - it's good fun and it's just nice to do something together.

Tonight I had a pretty cracker night. In the first game, I got a 6 6 7 8 with 8 on the cut for 20, with another 10 in the crib on my first hand (I won that game - hubby never pegged back the 30 points), and in the second game it got better with 7 7 8 9 and another 8 on the cut for a gorgeous 24: 8 for 15s, 4 for pairs, and a double-double run for 12. And it was my crib again and there was another 8 in there. Surprisingly I lost that game on pegging in the last round - it was my crib so hubby showed first. He only needed 4 for the win and had 10 in his hand, which was a pain because I also had enough to peg home.

The one I have to keep reminding myself about is the flush rule: we never played the flush when I was a girl so sometimes I miss it when scoring the show. The flush is the same as in poker: four cards in the same suit in the hand during the show worth 4, or 5 cards (including the cut) in the same suit for 5 during the show. I missed a five card flush the other night that would have turned an ordinary hand of 7 (two 15s and a run of three) into 12.... and hubby gleefully called Muggins and took the points.

And I'm prepared to bet that a significant number of my readers will not understand a word of this entry. Oh well, poor you. Go look it up!

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