7 December 2013

Quote of the day

It's a while since I had my last quote of the day, but this one struck me. It comes from a facebook post from liturgy.co.nz:

'John the Baptist cries out for our repentance. Year after year, on this second Sunday of Advent, his message is the same. It does not waver. It will not let us go. "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near." His cry uttered over and over again is to repent, to turn about, to reorient ourselves from our places of privilege, our places of self-assured pedigree, our places of having done it on our own, our places where we rely only and always on ourselves. His cry uttered over and over again is to repent from former limitations in our understanding of the Divine One who is coming, that One whom we await as others have awaited before us.' - Martha Brunell

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