10 January 2014


I've been reflecting on spaces recently, prompted by a little book called Making Room for God: a guide to contemplative prayer (Melvyn Matthews). When I say little, it's only 84 pages long, so it really is little, but it is a really practical little book about prayer.

I've been thinking about what kinds of spaces make me feel warm and open and at peace. I like tall columns touched with light - whether trees or columns in buildings seems not to matter. I like running water - Hamurana Springs, Okere Falls, the upper reaches of the Hutt River - and Gothic arches and beautiful tracery on buildings. I like churches, especially St Mary of the Angels, Old St Paul'sNelson Cathedral, and the lovely Holy Trinity in Auckland. I like spacious lakes and wide skies. I like the way the light falls in the hallway at the guesthouse in Southern Star Abbey in Kopua. I like the way light falls in our hallway at home.

I like the way these spaces help me be open to the goodness of all things, the light and loveliness of God even in the midst of the difficult things of life. I like how these spaaces help me feel spacious inside.

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