6 March 2014

Day 2

Home again in lovely Rotorua. Tired, but pleased to see my family again.

Oh, you may be wondering why the miracle of two blog posts in two days? Lent has started, and as one of my Lenten disciplines, I am going to try to post a blog post each day. Who knows what may happen through reflection each day?

I didn't get to an Ash Wednesday service yesterday as I was in transit between Kaitaia and Auckland, although when we drove past Holy Trinity Cathedral last night I peered out to see if they had advertising for a service. All was in darkness so I suspect they'd already had it - our flight was delayed by nearly an hour due to an Air Ambulance flight arriving in Kaitaia and a very strong headwind. Only tiny planes fly in there so they were really fighting the wind.

Today's training went well although the Auckland group was quite argumentative, but they did get a lot out of the day so it was worth it.

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Sphenodon said...

I discovered one of my favourite bavarian breweries has a special Lent only dark ale. i'm not completely sold on the religion malarky.