29 March 2014

Sources of inspiration

Saw something interesting today. There was grey high cloud on one side of the city, and on the other, blue sky, and it was really hard to see the place where cloud gave way to blue. They just melded together. We were exploring the Utuhina Stream (the city end of it) and the sky was just that perfect blue that only comes in autumn, and the leaves are turning. We found acorns with "hats" and the maples are beginning to gather themselves together for the blaze of glory to come. 

We were delighted to hear tonight that one of our good friends, Meg Nelson, has just had a composition of hers chosen to be sung at the World Symposium of Choral Music in Korea. The piece, In Paradisum, is gorgeously textured and warmly inspiring. Meg is one of our small daughter's godmothers, and her gift to our daughter for her baptism was a piece of music that she wrote specially for her. It was a pretty special gift then, and now.... 

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